I am a veteran creative executive with over two decades in the design field. I am both an orchestrator and a doer.

Endlessly fascinated by the art

of collaboration, I enjoy bringing together radically different ideas and people. 


Joel Krieger is Chief Creative Officer of Second Story, a design studio focused on the emerging category of responsive environments. Working across both cultural and brand landscapes—they seek to create new kinds of places that defy labels. By immersing audiences in participatory, multi-sensory experience, his work aims to elicit emotion and spark action.


As head of Second Story, Joel is responsible for steering the creative, business and technology vision across studios in Portland, Atlanta, and New York. His work explores "new methods of making" that merge the fields of visual design, experience design, visual effects and programming with industrial design and architecture. Endlessly fascinated by what can be accomplished through collaboration—his practice orchestrates deliberate collisions between radically different ideas and people.


His work has been recognized for design excellence by the likes of the American Alliance of Museums, Communication Arts, One Show, FastCo Design, Wired, HOW Design, IxDA, SEGD, and the Webby Awards. He is a regular speaker at forums such as the Experiential Marketing Summit, Museum Next, and AIGA. Joel also serves on the advisory board of The Ocean Experience Project, an immersive entertainment attraction focused on ocean conservation and activism.


we are one drop. Together we are an ocean."

- Ryunosuke Satoro

In our line of work the experiences we create are extraordinarily complicated. And the challenges facing humanity — exponentially more so. To design a new future, we must create new ways of working together. I believe this is the great challenge of our time. This is what makes my work meaningful. And this is why I love what I do. Let's make something amazing together.