Experiential Retail

We helped Whole Foods launch their newest flagship store with four retail interventions—each with a deliberate raison d'etre. A responsive endcap mirror disrupted traffic and enticed aisle entry. A social wall in the cafe, Farm Meet Table, connected customers with the source of their food—local farmers and providers. With Perfect Pairings, shoppers used their sense of taste as an entry point to discovering new wines, beers and cheeses. And an analog-interactive wooden signage platform, Wise Wood, invited shoppers to learn through play. 

Second Story, 2014

Avalon Flagship: Alpharetta, Georgia

Client: Whole Foods

Fabrication: Scenario


  • SEGD Global Design Awards, Merit Award, Public Installation, June 2017

  • Communicator Awards, Award of Excellence, Marketing: Entertainment, May 2017

  • HOW International Design Awards, Merit, Signage/Environmental Graphics, November 2016

  • W³ Awards, Silver, Environmental/Experiential: Community, November 2016


  • Communicator Awards, Silver Award of Distinction, Interactive Multimedia: Other, May 2016

  • “Planet Retail’s Five Stores of the Year,” National Retail Federation, February 2016

  • HOW International Design Awards, Merit, Kiosks/Interactive Exhibits, November 2015

  • W³ Awards, Gold, Marketing: Environmental: Food and Beverage, September 2015

  • FAB Awards, Winner, Interiors/Environment, May 2015

  • Creativity Media & Interactive Design Awards, Platinum/Best in Category, Digital Display or POP, May 2015

  • IDEA Awards, Finalist, Digital Design: Interaction, May 2015

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