A fully-automated, robotic barista

Designed by Ives Behar and Fuseproject, The Briggo Coffee Haus combines technology and robotics to provide a personalized, barista-quality experience. Order drinks via your laptop, tablet, or mobile device. Browse the menu to find the drink you want and customize the ingredients based on your taste. When you arrive at the Coffee Haus, find your name on the queue to pick up your drink. Swipe your card or enter a PIN to confirm your identity, and your drink is served up through the turnstile window. It even sends you a text once your drink is ready. You can order right from the Coffee Haus as well. And just like your local barista — with each drink, it gets to know you better, offering a personalized experience. Visual and industrial design by Fuseproject. Robotics by Briggo. Production and programming by SapientNitro.

Design: FuseProject

Development: SapientNitro

Robotics: Briggo

2013 Austin, Texas