Integrated in-store commerce

Home Depot’s Appliance Finder is a touch-based kiosk has significantly increased

the company’s highest-margin-category sales. Selling an appliance – a complex product whose sheer size makes it hard for shoppers to assess online and for

Home Depot to maintain a full assortment of in-store. The scale and fidelity of the Appliance Finder interface allows customers to get a realistic sense for how appliances will look and feel in their homes, both freeing customers to research options without an associate and providing well-designed support for clienteling with an associate. And it allows Home Depot to merchandise a broader assortment of appliances without having to utilize additional space or invest in stocked

products for every location. This program resulted in more than 10% lift in sales for stores with the Appliance Finder. This was scaled in every metropolitan market in North America and experienced rapid adoption by The Home Depot Associates.

SapientNitro, 2013 

Scaled Across North America