Embodied product education

This Re-imagined "store of the future" design was anchored on experience and education. Two core prototypes brought these new concepts to life.


Story Arcs are innovative fixtures that provide a new canvas for immersive product storytelling to occur in-store. Education is conveyed via a choreography of motion graphics and brand video projected on translucent canvases and corresponding product mannequins. Together, they create a stimulating, visual backdrop for store educators to captivate guests with stories of hidden features, technologies, techniques, patterns… anything that allows guests to understand and appreciate the product in a deeper way. 


The fitting rooms were designed as an active zone that enables guests to receive education in the most powerful moment… while product is on their body. RFID enabled product tags trigger challenges to appear in the mirror, prompting guests to explore and learn through movement. Useful clothing hooks labeled “Yes, No, and Need Another Option” allow guests to sort through clothes they try on. When something is placed on the “Need Another Option” bar, educators are subtly prompted to check on the guest by signaling via an artful light sculpture activation.

Second Story & lululemon

2017 Vancouver, BC