Great entertainment for your yard

Birds are life’s original traveling troubadours — they migrate from yard to yard and entertain us with their song and dance. With every bag of Pennington, you're not just buying birdseed. You're getting hours of inexpensive, front row entertainment. To deliver out message, we created the Pennington Wild Bird Band — 4 feathered characters in the tradition of Pixar animated movies. To complement the TV and radio, outdoor, print and in-store display, IQ also developed online display banner ads, an SEM campaign, and digital coupons. A robust social program was developed including Twitter and Facebook programs complete with a 40 page guide to backyard entertainment, ringtones, video and a vibrant community for bird watching fans. The campaign resulted in a 30% sales increase at Walmart.

IQ Agency, 2010 

Production: Milford Studios

Integrated Campaign